what we do

We Specialize in:

  1. Offering clients soup-to-nuts service or anything in between. We can provide concept to distribution or simply the production and/or editing phases of your project.
  2. Learning about your business quickly so we can be up to speed in no time.This helps to keep projects running smoothly and on budget with a good understanding of the core issues and communication goals.
  3. Working on a per diem basis with your team and with your agency. Gil has done so for many of his clients. He is comfortable working on short or long term projects.

Services We Offer:

  • Skilled consulting to determine needs
  • Development of solution-based proposals within your budgetary limits
  • Excellence in technical writing, revising and editing scripts
  • Proven ability to prepare scripts for shooting
  • Supervision of crews
  • Knowledgeable directing of talent and camera angles
  • Seasoned know-how in studio and on location
  • Editing
  • Shooting
  • Lighting
  • Management of set design
  • Graphic treatments
  • Special effects
  • Music scores
  • Streaming live video