Bellin Productions

Providing Video and Digital services to Corporations and Small businesses

Samples of our work

PROGRAM OPENINGS are a good place to get creative and maybe have some fun, depending on the subject matter of course. Here are two samples, one for MetLife and the other for Verizon. Shooting in the streets of Manhattan late at night lent a great vibe to The Met Files.

 TRAINING doesn't have to be a dry topic and can be effective whether shot on-location or in the studio. There are many ways to make teaching  both interesting and fun at the same time. Injecting humor is one great  way to keep audience attention pointed in the right direction as is hearing from one's peers. 


Producing speaker support videos and covering or broadcasting events are the two themes in this sample video. We develop videos, in advance, for use at a conference or broadcast. And we also cover the speakers and events. This footage can be edited and used immediately on-location (think Candids reel) and also used later for training those who did not attend. Live streaming/webcasts can also be  archived for later usage. 


Although most of our business is with Fortune 100 companies we happily work with Small Businesses to solve their communications needs. In this sample you will see clips from an exercise video, a real estate broker's video, a family history video, and a sample commercial for one of the "big boys".